How long does a photovoltaic installation last?

There are photovoltaic projects still working after more than 25 years. These products are simple, without mobile parts, so deterioration is minimal. A photovoltaic panel produces at least 90 % of its listed (nominal) power during the first 10 years and 80 % during its total lifetime.

What happens if I want to extend the installation later?

All our projects are modular and scalable. If you want to extend your installation, the whole project is ready to be increased without any type of problem.

Have I contracted enough power?

We are sure that we have offered you the best product based on your current situation as our studies are designed to give to you the best installation performance. Should your circumstances change, it will not be difficult install more watts. We can do it in just one day.

Is the installation going to cause leaks in the roof?

NO, CONÉCTATE AL SOL uses anchorage systems with self-sealing washers impossible.

There is risk of electrocution or fire?

NO, CONÉCTATE AL SOL’s installations and systems meet all the safety requirements of the Low Tension Electrical Engineering Regulations, the legislation currently used as the industry standard.
You can consider your installation as one more household appliance.

What is the minimal surface that is needed to install a project?

You need about 9m² for Conéctate Ya and approximately 12m² for Conéctate Más and Conéctate 24. These measurements are standard for most roofs in Spain.

Why is a photovoltaic panel useful?

A photovoltaic panel serves to generate direct current, the inverter transforms this current from direct to alternate, which is the type used in your home.

Is photovoltaic the same as thermal?

No. Thermal systems ONLY warm water and photovoltaic systems produce electricity, so they’re more useful.

Are these products guaranteed?

All the products are guaranteed. Panels (25 years of power and 10 years of product), inverters (up to 10 years) and structures (20 years).

If my installation stops working: Who repairs it? When, how and where are the parts repaired?

Conéctate al Sol monitors its projects to check performance. Conéctate al Sol has an after-sales service and offers a repair service. Our customer care department will be able to advise you on the easiest solution where necessary.

Do I have to maintain the system?

The photovoltaic modules need minimal maintenance. The rain or a quick hose down are normally sufficient to eliminate any surface dirt.

What is the "Impuesto al sol"?

It is a tax imposed by the government on the production of electricity through solar modules.
This tax does not affect systems of less than 10kw that do not have batteries. Where batteries are installed, it is simple to avoid it. The power produced by your solar installation must be less than the power contracted with your electricity company if you don’t want to pay this tax. Conéctate al Sol will help you to work out where you stand.

Will there be more taxes on solar power?

The trend is clear, it’s extremely unlikely.

Can my neighbourhood association object to the project?

They can’t as no special permit is necessary, it makes sense to run it by the president of the neighbourhood association, as it is a visual addition to the property, but that is just for their information and so that any interested neighbours can also enjoy the benefits of having their own system.

What is the real saving on my monthly invoice?

Depending on which product is best for your consumption, we foresee savings that can vary from a minimum, which we guarantee, to maximums that can reach up to 50 or 60 % of your current bill.

Are the savings only based on what I consume?

CONÉCTATE AL Sol installations cause savings on several parts of your electricity bill:
You buy less kWh from the electricity company because your panels produce them directly within the installation.
You also save on ELECTRICAL TAXES and the VAT associated with those kWh which are produced and consumed in your household.
CONÉCTATE AL Sol will consider the terms of your electricity bill so that the benefits of your installation and the resulting savings are maximized.

What are the fiscal benefits?

There are several advantages depending on whether you are a private user or self-employed, as it is possible deduct the VAT cost of the project as well as a reduction of up to 10 % of the IRPF (Spanish income tax) and up to 50 % of the IBI (Spanish property tax) depending on the energy certificate of your house and in which region it is located.

When will I start to save money?

From the moment that the installation starts working you save money.